Background Checks

offered in Buffalo, Robbinsdale, Roseville, St. Cloud, Arlington, Gaylord, Winthrop, Hutchinson, Bloomington and Glencoe, MN

Background Checks

Background Checks services offered in Buffalo, Robbinsdale, Roseville, St. Cloud, Arlington, Gaylord, Winthrop, Hutchinson, Bloomington and Glencoe, MN

There are Several different types of Background Checks available such as:

  • Criminal Record
  • Driving Record
  • Social Security Trace
  • Credit Report
  • Reference Checks
  • Social Media Check
  • Employment Checks
  • Education Verifications
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Terrorists Check
  • Rental Background Check
  • Identity Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Clearing House Check

Many employers require new applicants to undergo background checks before making a job offer.  Background checks protect your business by preventing misrepresntation of job applicants, enabling you to not hire employees who have shown unwanted behaviors.  Background checks can help reduce risk for criminal activities such as violence, abuse and theft.  Be mindful that employers have a legal obligation to protect their business, staff, and customers from any foreseeable act of an employee or volunteer. You don’t want to end up in a negligent hiring situation due to poor hiring practices. If your organization fails to conduct a background check prior to hiring and an employee or volunteer commits a crime while on the job, your organization assumes the liability for their actions.  TCS is available to provide you with ALL your background check services.  Not too long ago, only a few dozen companies offered background-checking services. This industry has since mushroomed in size and scope—but not necessarily quality—after post-9/11 many concerns drove up the demand for increased background screening. 

The result: There are now many in the screening industry, making it difficult to sort out the top tier from the fly-by-night firms. Many sell cheap but incomplete background checks in minutes. Too often, they simply restate old information bought from private data brokers with no guarantee the data are current or correct.  If you need a background check for work, court, or travel, TCS' investigative team can help.  TCS understands your unique business screening needs.  We will help you customize a screening package tailored to your company needs.  TCS' background check service will help your business hire and retain the individuals who meet your company's precise criteria.

TCS contracts directly with State Agencies and Court Searchers to perform our searches. 

TCS does NOT use databases. 

TCS conducts services in ALL 50 states

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Q & A

What are background checks?

A background check reviews your professional, personal, financial, criminal history, etc. to determine if you’re qualified for a job. It may involve things such as a review of your employment records and interviews with former employers and/or supervisors.

Most employers conduct background checks of some combination of searches as listed above. 

Why are background checks necessary?

Businesses, government entities, rental agents and nonprofits conduct background checks for various reasons, including:

  • To ensure the safety of employees
  • To maximize productivity
  • To see if you have a criminal history
  • Data verification (i.e., confirming your credentials and employment history)
  • To determine if you’re physically and emotionally capable of the work
  • To lower risks
  • Plus numerous other reasons

Certain occupations require specific background checks. For example, if you drive a commercial vehicle, like a city bus, your employer must check your driving record as required by DOT.

How long do background checks take?

The time a background check takes depends on several factors, including the type of check required and the job or position you’re applying for.

TCS Health typically receives the results of background checks same day, but it may take longer depending on the type of search needed.

How long will a criminal record show up in my background check?

Differs by state and local municipalities as well as the type of clearance required for a job position in the public or private sector. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows felony convictions to be reported on background checks for a minimum of seven years after release from prison. The exception to this rule are registered sexual offenders and the level assigned.

How long does an employer retain background checks?

No law or regulation defines the timeline to keep background check reports. However, an employer must consider employment agreements, state and local employment agencies, and contracts. Usually, employers retain the background check record for a minimum of 3 years after termination/resignation of the employee from your organization.

Which laws regulate employment background checks?

Employers must follow the guidelines provided by FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), State Consumer Reporting laws, and enforcement guidance by U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission 2012. Following these guidelines is necessary while conducting employment screening and preparing employee background verification questions.