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Forensics services offered in Buffalo, Robbinsdale, Roseville, St. Cloud, Arlington, Gaylord, Winthrop, Hutchinson, Bloomington and Glencoe, MN

Certain occupations require employees to undergo federal fingerprinting. If you need that or another forensics service, TCS Health can help. At TCS Occupational Health, the family medicine and occupational health specialists offer various forensics services, including autopsies for work-related fatalities and federal fingerprinting. To make an appointment in Roseville, Buffalo, Robbinsdale, St. Cloud, Arlington, Gaylord, or Winthrop, Minnesota, call the nearest office or book online today.

Forensics Q & A

What is forensics?

Forensic science, or criminalistics, focuses on the relationship between science and criminality. Specifically, forensics applies scientific methods to civil and criminal investigations. Examples of forensics include collecting DNA, analyzing fingerprints, and chemical analysis.

Some forensic services, like federal fingerprinting, are required in certain occupations. Others, like autopsies, are only necessary for a work-related fatality.


Why would a business need to invest in forensic services?

Your business might benefit from forensic services if you work in an industry known for injuries, accidents, or fatalities. Establishing a forensics partnership with TCS Health can help you meet the safety standards created by your company and the industry at large. 

Forensic services can also provide peace of mind. By investing in background checks and fingerprinting, you can ensure you only hire individuals with clean records. In the event of a serious injury or fatality, forensic services may even help you avoid liability.


What services does forensics provide?

TCS Health offers several types of forensics services, including:


An autopsy is a physical exam of a cadaver (dead body). If one of your employees dies due to suspicious or unexpected circumstances, an autopsy can determine the cause of death and help you decide what steps to take next. 

Autopsies typically last two to four hours. After completing the autopsy, TCS Health fills out a final report, including lab tests and toxicology.

Federal fingerprinting

Many government jobs require employees to have their fingerprints on file with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During a federal fingerprinting appointment, your TCS Health provider carefully collects and documents your fingerprints on a special piece of paper.

After collecting the fingerprints, your provider signs off on paperwork that you can submit to your employer.

Background checks

A forensic background check reviews your professional, personal, financial, and criminal history. A potential employer might ask you to undergo a background check before hiring you for the position. TCS Health performs extensive forensic background checks, ensuring no stone goes left unturned.


How much do forensics services cost?

The cost of forensics depends on several factors, including the services you need and the number of employees who need them. After discussing your business’s desires, TCS Health can recommend a forensics plan that aligns with your budget.

To learn more about forensics, make an appointment at TCS Health by calling the nearest office or booking online today.